Sex World Dictionary Acronyms, Glossary, Lingo, Codes, Words

Sex World Dictionary – Acronyms, Glossary, Lingo, Codes, Words

Largely an experience educated of the Western dudes whenever relationships Western feminine

AAMP Flat Asian Rub Parlor, a residential flat in place of a professional storefront constantly in which sex acts can be located AAMP or Amp Western-American Massage therapy Parlor (more politically best acronym) ABC American born Chinese ABJ Western born Japanese AFF Mature Pal Finder (a well-known Us dating website) AFF Western Friend Finder (a popular Western dating website) Agencies a corporate/business you to protects bookings, advertisements, assessment, and you can calls to possess escorts Aircon BBBJ + Cheats (a nice perfect) Example: In the event the masseuse asks, “want aircon?” if yes, she throws that ‘cheats sweet’ toward their particular mouth area and start giving a blow job Auction web sites A masculine feminine, high and solid Amp Asian Massage therapy Parlor Analingus licking anus, anal rimming (Oral pleasure out-of arsehole) Anal Rimming Dental pleasure of asshole AR Anal Rimming (Dental stimulation regarding anus) In the world Analingus and you may Fellatio Western Cowgirl Girl on top, squats AR Butt Rim, Anal Rimming ASP Adult Carrier ATF In history Favorite Atm Ass So you can Throat Sis Flo Times AVN Adult Movies Development/Prizes, a porno business seminar and you can and honors reveal

Babyback Tiny, young, glamorous Western Backpage An online database in which escorts blog post their advertisements, basically split by region, and you will subscribers can “shop” having an enthusiastic escort, generally speaking faster provider, straight down cost, and many of the prostitutes is trafficked and you may/or treated from the pimps Crappy Boy Declaration A website in which organization is report a rip-out-of consumer, dangerous visitors, good stalker, etcetera. Lure and you can Option Person who comes up was a different one than simply reported Baja En ce qui concerne Vagina About spanish “the lower southern” Balloons Nipple implants Bareback Sex instead of condom Barracuda An expert prostitute who may have only purpose is to separate you from your finances given that easily as possible, if at all possible as opposed to providing you with anything in return BBBJ Uncovered Back Blow Job (oral sex as opposed to condom) BBBJTC Uncovered Straight back Strike Job so you can Achievement (dental sex to help you climax) BBBJNQNS Exposed Back Blow Jobs No Quit Zero Saliva BBBJTCWS Exposed Right back Blow Employment to Achievement having Ingesting BBBJWF Uncovered Right back Strike Business Which have Facial BBFS Bare Straight back Full Service (sex versus condom) BBS Barber Shop BBW Large Stunning Woman BCD Behind closed doors Bdsm Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism. Beret A beneficial condom. Beso Negro Anal Rimming BF Boy Friend BFA Big Fat Ass BFE Boy Friend Sense BGR Boy-Girl-Matchmaking BGB Boy-girl-boy, as it is a threesome having a couple of dudes and another girl Bj Blow Jobs (dental sex to your a guy) BL Human anatomy Lick Blackhole Asshole BLS Baseball Licking and you will Drawing Bluish Tablet Viagra Bluish Material Viagra Boutique Company A company one generally doesn’t fool around with bogus photos, upsell, or split men from, even more catered to recite people Brothel A corporate facilities where dudes is also stop by and pay for a beneficial sexual services Brothel Girl prostitute who ends up out-of a beneficial brothel Brown Shower Defecation into your ex lover BS Human anatomy slide Provider in which woman could possibly get slide their unique body into your very own using oils, or Nuru BS Looks Wipe BSD Huge Swinging Cock BSW Black colored Street walker BTW By the way Butterface Everything looks good, however, their particular face

CIM Jizz inside Throat Urban area Vibe An on-line databases where escorts pay to share their adverts, generally split by the area, and you can subscribers is also “shop” for an escort Civilian A female who tends to make herself available for sexual experiences not to have profit

Roman numerals possibly utilized for costs. (Roman Numeral converter) CC Bank card CC Driver Full service provider costing $two hundred or faster CCL Attention Camp Search Video game Get across-dresser: transvestite, one, and especially a masculine exactly who goes into the dress and frequently the newest choices typical of your own reverse sex particularly for reason for psychological or sexual satisfaction Cds Secure Dog Build CFF Chinese Pal Finder (a well-known dating internet site) CFM Already been Shag Myself, constantly make reference to the look of a man CFS Protected Full Provider (sex that have condom) CG Telephone call Girls, prostitute which works best for a trip agencies CG Geneva State escorts service Local casino Girls, prostitute who hangs away within club in the gambling establishment obtaining CG Pub Girls, prostitute whom ends up from a remove club CH Crazy Pony, SF Remove Club, LV remove bar Chump A person who brings their money and/otherwise his focus on feminine without getting any snatch reciprocally. Don’t let yourself be good chump! A specialist masseuse COB Jizz to your Nipple COF Jizz to your Face Collar and Cuffs matches Pubic hair fits sheer hair-colour (redheads, blondes) End Orgasm elizabeth.grams. She gave a great bareback blowjob to help you achievement Completo Language for “complete”, always definition that have otherwise in addition to anal sex Courtesan Prostitute whom engages within the prolonged dates, accompanies customers out and about, overnights, and exactly who caters to his desires by way of aspirations Protection Condom Shielded Various methods, like the access to condoms or dental care dams, are delivered to prevent sickness (since the Supports) transmitted from the sexual get in touch with. (e.grams. Safeguarded Strike Employment means a good condom was utilized) CHHFS Covered Half hour Complete Service CG Cowgirl girl over the top against your Craigslist A popular classified ad website where escorts have been recognized to market and you will or even provide its supply Offense scene action Sexual interest while in the her period Touring Trying to find prostitutes when you are driving Glasses of Coffee How frequently a production or climax took place

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